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Thought Leadership

Over the past decade, I have published over 20 different peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, and conference proceedings papers. Most of my work has been focused on entrepreneurial cognition, small business decision-making, and resource bundles that help competitively differentiate family-owned firms. Recently, I've begun to branch out into publishing on entrepreneurial education and innovation management. Selected manuscrpits are available below.


Conference Proceedings (Entrep. & Strategy)

Conference Proceedings (Sales & Marketing)

Working Papers (Entrepreneurship & Strategy)

  • Woods (2023). Rural STEM Student Engagement with Entrepreneurship Training & Internship Programs: A Qualitative Exploration. Targeted for submission to the Journal of Product Innovation Management.

  • Agarwal, A., Woods, J. A., Sweida, G., Park, J. E., Kenyon-Rouvinez, D. (2023). Hiring In-Laws in Family Firms. Targeted for submission to Family Business Review.

  • Woods, J. A., Sweida, G., & Fisher, E. (2024). Decision-Making in Small Oil Businesses: An Exploration of Cognition, Heuristics, and Expertise. Targeted for submission to Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice.

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